Cuba consolidates the “new normality” despite foreign attempts for its destabilization. - Nai Ummid

Cuba consolidates the “new normality” despite foreign attempts for its destabilization.

The month of November is full of moments Cuba consolidates the “new normality” despite foreign attempts for its destabilization.of satisfaction and celebration for Cubans. After the complete vaccination of more than 75% of the population and the reduction to minimum figures the  infections and deaths associated with Covid 19, the island of Cuba reopens all its borders and all its economic, cultural and social activities.

This has been a particularly tough year, with months in which the Covid took thousands of lives and put the national health system to the test. However, the collective effort of the government together with the people, and in particular the dedication of health and science specialists, showed positive results. Three vaccines against Covid 19 (Soberana 02, Soberana Plus and Abdala) were developed and approved, which demonstrated an effectiveness of more than 93% and allowed to execute a fast and effective vaccination campaign.

These days, after a long period, all the children go back to schools and the students to the universities. All gastronomic, service centers, hotels, beaches and national parks are opened; and with them all the international airline movement that will allow the return of visitors and tourists within the framework of the beginning of the high tourism season. The intense cultural programming across the country gradually returns, with its festivals and international events; among which the Havana Biennial stands out, which will begin at the end of November.

The democratic political consultation are in their way by the realization of the third process of accountability of the delegate to his electors in the current mandate; which is an exercise of genuine citizen participation and socialist democracy in all the neighborhoods and communities. 

Economic activity is revitalized, also driven by the updating of monetary, exchange and wage policies and the creation of new economic actors, both state and private. The second Business Forum will be held with broad participation starting next november 29.

On November 16, Cubans will celebrate the 502 anniversary of their capital and wonder city: Havana. While on November 25 they will pay tribute to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of his death.

However, there are always those who try to impose the shadow on the light and try to spoil these moments that the Cuban people achieved at a high cost. They intend to undermine stability, citizen tranquility and the Cuban constitutional order. As our national hero Jose Marti expressed, men are divided into two types: those who create and those who destroy. 

For this reason, very recently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez held a meeting with the diplomatic representatives accredited in Havana to denounce how the United States is forging actions of an unconventional war against Cuba and requested the solidarity of the international community and the United Nations.

The Minister stated that the powerful propaganda machinery controlled by the United States has unleashed aiming at presenting a scenery in the virtual space, independently of what it really occurs. At the central axis is the script followed by the US government, which tries to present Cuba as a failed state, a desperate and foolish attempt. It is all about a destabilizing operation designed in Washington, with financial and material resources this government facilitates, with operators residing in US territory and agents to their service in Cuba, and with communicative practices and modalities that, in recent years, has characterized the toxic US political and electoral scenery. 

The Cuban government cannot, while respecting its basic obligations, allow the United States to organize and promote a provocation like this. We have said so in a clear and direct manner to the US government, both through official and public channels. 

Just a few weeks ago, it was revealed the subsidies the federal agency USAID had granted to 12 organizations based in Florida, Washington and Madrid that deal with the anti-Cuban industry. This allocation of 6,6 million dollars, that should only be a small portion of the funds allocated by the federal government, was granted as recently as September, 2021. 

There’s no law, at international level, or within Cuban national legislation, that avails US practice to finance actions and individuals to attempt against the constitutional order and the right of Cubans to peace and tranquility. 

It’s interesting that in the face of the expected failure to mobilize the Cuban people, there is now an attempt to mobilize actions in other parts of the world. There’re threats against Cuban embassies. Just as an example, on April 30, 2020, a man attacked with an assault firearm the Cuban embassy in Washington and in July 26, 2021 two person try to fire the Cuban Embassy in Paris by throwing Molotov cocktails.

During the pandemic, more than 60 sanctions has been imposed by the US Government, making the US blockade against Cuba more extraterritorial and genocidal.  Cuba has the right to protect itself from the US aggression and it has the duty to safeguard the peace, stability and tranquility the US intends to alter. 

The Minister informed how private groups in Facebook not only carry out illegal activities in violation of Cuban laws, they even violate that platform´s own policies. They simulate the massive presence of individuals in Cuba that it´s known reside outside our country, fundamentally. As it has occurred in other parts of the world, Facebook can be sued because of these practices against Cuba. 

The US policy against Cuba is destined to failure. They should wake up from the dream of hegemony and dominance on Cuba. It won´t come true. It has not worked; it does not work and will never work.

The US Government must lift the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba. The US Government should not use never in an opportunistic way the misfortunes imposed by the Covid in their political interest against Cuba. 

Let Cuba live and enjoy the “new normality”.

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