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Why should we visit Nepal?

Sumaya Zafreen

How would you feel if you have to be in a completely unfamiliar place with so many unknown faces without any initial cell phone network or internet connection?

There’s a saying “Only Travelling can make the strangers, the closest”. But trust me whoever has  attended  Nepal-Bangladesh  Youth  Conclave  would  definitely  believe  “Only  Nepal- Bangladesh Youth Conclave can make the strangers, the closest”.

So we started our journey from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport on 21st February at 1 PM. Most of the people were unfamiliar with each other till we landed in Nepal & attended an event.

On International Mother Language Day. 21st February is so special for Bangladeshis as we protested for establishing Bangla as our mother language in 1952 and made this day Special in all over the world. So, that event made us so proud, happy and a bit close to each other.

After that event, we started our journey towards the hotel wearing the traditional Nepali cap that the Moderator of NBYC Mr. Abhinav Chaudhury gifted us as a welcome present.

Our entry in the hotel was so dramatic as the hotel's aesthetic was more like a Grandpa’s cottage than a random 4-star hotel. Considering our comfort, we selected own rooms. As it was raining, we didn’t go out to buy SIM cards. At 9 PM we had our dinner together and for a mini adventure we went to explore the city at that night!!! From where the most amazing experience began. We walked all the way to Thamel together and attended a concert which made us feel like a dream. At 2pm, while returning back to hotel we were singing, gossiping, laughing in the road as if all of us knew each other from a long ago. Reaching at the hotel we started sharing our own stories, opinions, philosophies with each other till 4am.

(Feb 22) Next day - 1st day of the conference it was!

We’re so excited. The program started with some formal speeches.

•     Welcome speech of Mayor of local province.

•     The Excellence Ambassador of Bangladesh was the Chief guest.

•     Arrangement of a great cultural event with Bangladeshi & Nepali singing team.

•     We, the delegates of Bangladesh also participated in the cultural segment.

* Sang a chorus county song

* Danced & Enjoyed a lot

During the lunch break we had delicious meal and again attended the next session which was on,

•     UNSDG’s & 2030 agenda for Youths.

Took amazing group pictures with the entire team of NBYC with the flags of our two countries.

The  first  day  of  the  conference  went  great,  joyful  &  impactful  as  well.  We  could  grab interesting information regarding these issues.

After event we bought SIM Cards, gossiped a bit at hotel, had our dinner and again went out to explore the city like the previous night. 

(Feb 23) - The next morning, it was the closing day of the conclave!

•     Wore Saree/Punjabi for the closing ceremony to represent our culture.

•     The program discussion facts were

1)   Environmental Protection & Sustainability Education,

2)   Youth for Good Governance and Transparency

3)   Sharing and Feedback Session

4)   Award  giving  and  Closing  ceremony.  Our  Certificate  receiving  moment  was  so precious.

At the End of official closing ceremony, we clicked a lot of pictures together exactly like the previous day.

• Straight  from  the  gorgeous  conference  place  we  went  to  Basantpur,  by wearing our traditional costume.

This  place  was  included  in  our  planning  of  Sightseeing.  Basantpur is  a  place  of  Temple, structured like Pagoda. we got the actual Nepali vibe while entering into that place. we saw amazingly traditional and unique temples of pagodas there. this is one of the places that makes Nepal unique and different than the other countries of the world.

•  Bought beautiful traditional staffs from the Basantpur market.

•  Went to a restaurant to try the famous traditional Momo of Nepal

• Momos tasted delicious after returning to the hotel we gossiped & shared experiences and stories by sitting down in the lobby in front of the reception desk which had become one of our favorite daily activities

(Feb 24) - Next day,

•     Went to Nagarkot in the early morning,

•     Saw the Sunrise & a portion of Himalaya There we made one of the most exciting experiences. After lunch,

• Visited Swayambhunath Temple, another beautiful & unique place to see

(Feb 25) - Next day which was the last day of our trip,

•     Went to Thamel market & bought a lot of things.

•     Enjoyed our lunch together

•     Roamed around the city

•     Had our dinner together at Pizza Hut.

(Feb 26) - Lastly, In the next morning of our returning day arrived and saying good  bye to Nepal and the entire team was so saddening and touching. I could feel an inner peace by visiting in Nepal.

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