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Revival of Nepalese Tourism

A press meet on the Revival of Tourism COVID 19 and Beyond, A year of challenges and achievements was organized on Feb 18, with presentation by CEO Dr Dhananjay Regmi highlighting activities and milestones accomplished by NTB in 2020-21 which has been tedious time for the tourism industry due to global pandemic COVID-19.

Sharing a year long experience of working in NTB, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Regmi expressed his optimism that the tourism industry of Nepal would go back to normalcy following ease of entry procedures and the phase-wise inoculation drive initiated by the Government of Nepal.

During the program, Dr. Regmi shared some of the major accomplishments achieved by NTB in the year 2020-21 such as crisis management, promotion and destination visibility during crisis, branding and digital marketing initiatives, GIS mapping, provincial office set up, domestic tourism promotion etc. GIS database mapping initiative by NTB would be a huge asset to the Government, NTB and the entire tourism industry, according to Dr. Regmi. 

For the survival and revival of tourism industry, the NTB has formed the task force in province level for the development of tourism from eastern to the western part of Nepal, domestic tourism promotional activities and expansion of NTB offices in province levels. The press meet was attended by the journalists from various media houses, representatives from the private sector and people from different walks of life.

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